Kole takes a tailored approach to each client & each situation — integrating what feels safe with what feeds growth. Each service is intended to aid in our reclamation of mind, body, & spirit by conquering our imbalances in various aspects of our every day life.


Private Instruction

Private Instruction focuses on you. This practice gives you the ability to combine movement & meditation for kinesthetic & cognitive restoration towards your own personal goals.

Guided Stretch

Guided Stretch focuses on the physical approach of yoga, so this practice will not include meditation -- purely the release of any physical tension.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation focuses on the mental approach of yoga, so this practice will not include asanas -- purely the release of any mental clutter.

Sacred Space

Sacred Space focuses on literally & metaphorically cleansing your environment. This involves cleaning, organizing, and/or creating an intentional space in where you spend your every day. 

Creative Content

Creative Content focuses on you as a brand. This service helps you reduce stress in your professional growth by including résumé building/review, proofreading, copyright editing, and brand building. 


While one of the goals is to help you feel comfortable & confident practicing in your own space, Kole is also willing to accomodate virtual sessions or finding a convenient location to meet with you (travel fees may apply).


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